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Non Compete Agreement Florida Real Estate

However, a Florida district court later invoked the Transunion as authority and followed his attitude. In the Lucky Cousins Trucking case, Inc. v. QC Energy Resources Texas, LLC, 223 F. Supp.3d 1221, 1224 (M.D. Fla. 2016), the District Court was asked to make a decision under the status of the Florida Non-Competition Act, but partially denied the prejudice suffered by the party who was the subject of the injunction. In particular, the court cited the 11th Circuit`s decision to transunion and its finding that the court must take into account the harm suffered by the individual during the enforcement of an injunction to enforce non-competition obligations under Florida law43 Moreover, less than three months after Transunion refused to consider the worker`s injury, an appels court gave the case another context.44 The employer provides video and photographic services for the real estate sector. In 2016, the employer set up an independent contractor to work as a photographer. A few months after this agreement, the parties signed a written agreement containing bans on non-invitation and non-competition. The fact that the Florida Supreme Court recently drew attention to the adequacy requirements of the non-compete clause is significant, as it comes after other courts have criticized Florida`s non-compete clause. For example, in 2015, the New York Court of Appeals ruled that Florida`s non-compete clause was not applicable because it was directed against New York`s public order.6 As discussed later, the New York Court ruled that the exception was reserved for public order from “really repugnant” laws.

7 As has been said, federal and other state courts outside Florida have interpreted the law narrowly to justify non-compliance with non-competition prohibitions, or as the New York Court of Appeals directly refused to comply with the statute on public policy grounds. The Florida Non-Compete Agreement model allows Florida State companies to implement this document to protect its market position during the process of hiring a potential independent employee/contractor. These documents are fairly standard as a company`s trade secrets and confidential information are generally considered valuable tools when competing with other companies that offer similar products and/or services. This document will determine how the continued protection of proprietary information, trade secrets, etc., which will be provided to the employee (during employment) with respect to the employee concerned. In other words, this contract binds the employee to the company`s privacy by giving him a written commitment to do so. In the event of a violation of the documented agreement, the courts may award damages to the company or the company, depending on the various possibilities allowed by the non-compete laws. As a general rule, non-competition agreements have often been proven to be an illegal restriction on trade. This was also the case after common law in Florida12, until Florida law established guidelines for determining whether non-competition prohibitions were too restrictive.

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