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Texas Nurse Practitioner Collaborative Practice Agreement

includes disciplinary actions taken by accrediting bodies in other states. As soon as you are a party to an agreement on a standards authority, you are required to immediately notify the other party/part of the agreement if you receive notification that you are under investigation. If I obtain national certification in an additional area of role and/or population culture, can I automatically expand my scope of the APRN practice, since I have already increased through an APRN license? The range of RN practice is very broad, with no limitation on hiring or patient population, as the training the nurse completed to prepare him for practice as an RN was broad. His training in RN gave him a teaching (classroom) and clinical learning… No no. You must retain your national certification in the field of exercise and population license to obtain your Texas APRN license. Specialized certifications attest to expertise in a particular area of your practice and can be used to demonstrate knowledge related to a particular health need (e.g., oncology). B, orthopedics or diabetes training). The national certification you must obtain and manage for APRN licensing purposes is based on your formal training in a role and population management area of the APRN. Special certification does not show the extent of your training and expertise in the full range of your area of expertise and population and is therefore not accepted for APRN licensing purposes. The standard of care is the same standard that would apply to the assessment, diagnosis and issuance of the prescription in a face-to-face setting. APRN is required to meet standards of care and to demonstrate standards of practice and professional judgments consistent with all applicable laws and rules for the provision of telemedicine and telemedicine services. Focus on the BON population.

With respect to the integration of a new patient care activity or procedure into individual practice, the Chamber expects the advanced nurse, registered in practice, to verify whether the activity or procedure is consistent with the margin of professional activity for the authorized role and demographic concentration and that the laws and regulations in force at the time permit. For example, a nurse and midwife who wish to integrate colloscopy delivery into her practice may do so without obtaining an additional licence for the exercise by the BON, since this activity is consistent with the professional area of activity of these roles. NPNs work more often than doctors in rural and underserved areas; Eliminating unnecessary provisions of the cooperation practices agreement will increase access to quality health care in the most needed areas.

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